About Our Armour

At Fantastic Creations, we proudly cater to the needs of filmmakers, theater directors, and event organizers with our exceptional armor rentals. Immerse your audience in the thrilling world of knights, warriors, and historical battles with our meticulously crafted and authentic armor pieces. Whether you require medieval suits of armor, ancient gladiator gear, or futuristic sci-fi gear, our diverse collection has you covered. Each piece is expertly maintained to ensure it not only looks stunning but also guarantees safety and comfort for performers. Our armor rental service provides a cost-effective and hassle-free solution, allowing you to access premium-quality armor without the burden of long-term ownership. Join us in bringing your epic tales to life with our unparalleled armor rentals, and let the magic of history and fantasy unfold before your eyes.

Some of our Armour

Check out some of our Armour below.

Fantastic Creations Prop house is very large so please call us if you're looking for something specific or need something custom made!