Weapon1. Celtic shield and sword for dramatic combat.
Weapon2. Celtic short sword from brass wood and steel dulled for dramatic combat.
Weapon3. Sci-fi prop gun with lights and electronic flash.
Weapon5. Sci-fi prop pistol with electronic flash.
Weapon11. Old west Colt (gun-fighter) non-firing prop gun with moving parts.
Weapon13. Old style inert prop bomb 8′ dia with place for a sparkler/wick.
Weapon14. Potato masher grenade inert prop.
Weapon15. Double barrelled flint-lock pistol prop with moving parts.
Weapon16. Tower flint lock with moving parts.
Weapon21. Wrist Cross bow. road warrior style. Semi-practical, will launch an arrow about 15 feet.
Weapon24. Dynamite bomb prop
Weapon25. Wrist sword worn on the wrist, made of brass and steel dulled for dramatic combat.
Weapon26. Double barrelled 18th century pin fire. non-firing prop gun with moving parts.
Weapon27. Pineapple Grenades, inert prop with removable pin and spoon.
Weapon69. Bone Axe Hero and stunt prop custom made for the horror movie “Scarce”. Made from a resin bone with a steel and a foam blade.
Weapon70. Pellet Cross bow Custom built for the movie “Weirdsville”. This is a semi-practical prop and will fire a small wood ball about 20″.
Weapon71. Pirate cutlass These are made of brass and steel for dramatic combat.
Weapon72. (Anna Sword) A custom made rapier for practical combat.
Weapon73. Sabre Hilt Epee swords. Suitable for rehearsal, practice or stage.
Weapon74. Viking Axes are made from wood and steel for dramatic combat.
Weapon75. (Naomi) Broad Sword: Custom made for dramatic combat. made from brass, steel and wood with leather bound grip.
Weapon76. Ancient weapon Greek and Roman swords for dramatic combat.
Weapon77. Flint lock pistol, semi-practical fires a cap to give a loud bang and a little smoke. Ideal for stage.
Weapon78. Don Quixote rapiers of various styles available for rent.
Weapon79. Blood knife. intended to be filled with fake blood. When drawn across a surface (like an arm) leaves a blood streak.