About Our Props

How we produce a prop depends on factors such as desired appearance, required use, timeframe and budget. We work with a wide range of materials, including (but not limited to) wood, metal, cast resin, leather, plastic, rubber and foam. We have facilities for welding and machining, with plans for metal casting and candy glass casting in the works.

Our custom projects have included a full-sized gibbet, elaborate Tutankhamen-style Egyptian jewelry, eerie ‘pod babies’ that light up, a life-sized foam shark, assorted monsters, a full-sized coffin, and high-tech science-fiction firearms. We also have props specifically required by plays such as WhoÕs Afraid of Virginia Woolf (umbrella gun), Deathtrap (crossbow, bleeding garotte), Man of La Mancha (set of swords, set of lances, helmet/shaving bowl) and The Night of the Mirror (mirrored shields).

Our special strength is weaponry. Choosing weapons for a production can be difficult; besides the usual considerations of appearance and use, there are important safety concerns to take into account. It also requires thorough knowledge of the time period and regional military practices. Fantastic Creations frequently consults on these subjects and welcomes questions. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with fight directors, film firearm wranglers and actor-combatants, we have an excellent understanding of their professional needs and what they require of performance weapons. We have sourced or built everything from Roman armour to sci-fi rayguns, and have in inventory costuming for military units from several eras and regions. We also have extensive experience building and modifying swords for professional actor-combatants. Call us to find out how we can help your production!

Crown of the Irish king. Custom built hero prop for the TV series “Relic Hunter”. Made from brass and silver
Commando/ Virtual Reality headset.
Sci-fi set decorative device, with lights.
Sextant made from brass.
King Tutt necklace. Custom built hero prop for the TV series “Relic Hunter”. Made from cast resin, semi-precious stone and other materials.
Sci-fi prop bomb, with lights and LED count-down.
Flower Bells custom made prop from brass, silver, and wood.
Pirate weapons: Peg-leg and hook. Both wearable, made from wood & leather and metal.
Bird helmet Custom made for a TV comedy series (to be named after airing) Made from High density foam over a base structure.
Gibbit Custom made from steel for the horror film “Scarce”
Mind Scanner Sci-fi headset prop with lights.
Shark 8″3′ made from soft foam.
Detector B: Radiation counter/detector from the 50s
Stiletto Launcher Custom Made for the TV series “Murdoch Mysteries”. This a practical prop that will launch a stiletto about 10 feet.Made from wood and metal.
Detector A: Sci-fi prop with light up screen and blinking lights.
Robot: Custom made for dramitic TV series (to be named after airing). Made from Sheet aluminium and high density foam.