Armour31. Elizabethian armour 16th century with lobster tail helmet.
Armour35. indo-persian helmet.
Armour38. 15th century German close helmet.
Armour39. Mangoche (parrying dagger) Circa 16th to 17th century made of steel
Armour80. Ancient helmet, Greek made of steel.
Armour81. Weirdsville 0003 muscled breast plate with pauldrons Made from steel and leather.
Armour82. Don Quixote armour, Circa 15th to 16th century.
Armour83. Don Quixote Helmet. (shaving bowel).
Armour84. Ancient shields, Greek both steel and plastic.
Armour85. Weirdsville 0001 Viking style helmets, made from steel.
Armour86. Weirdsville 0004 Chain mail armour shirt and coif (hood), made from steel.
Armour87. Ancient armour. Muscled Greko-Roman, made from fibre glass.
Armour88. Ancient armour, Leather with metal scales.
Armour89. Ancient armour, Muscled Greko-Roman made from steel
Armour90. Ancient shields, Roman made from wood and steel.
Armour91. Ancient helmet, Roman made of steel and brass.