Fantastic Creations erupted out of Chris Warrilow’s desire to build good stage worthy props and a certain fascination with weapons of all kinds. Our company began back in 1988, and today it is the work of Chris Warrilow, Kirsten Nichols and freelance associates which keeps the business growing into new spheres.

We are more than just a specialized prop house. We are your creative source for custom work. Fantastic Creations has a large stock of prop weapons ranging from simple clubs and swords to bows and long arms up to magnificent 17th century canon. Over 14 years in business we have collected and built a large variety of weapons – edged, projectile and otherwise which we have available for rental to theaater, film and television productions. Our armour ranges from Prehistoric through Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and well into contemporary and futuristic.

If you need it, and you don’t see it, we can build it for you!

Fantastic Creations

Feel free to call 416-410-6042 for any assistance with your custom props, weapons or armour needs.

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available 24/7 by appointment.
e: fancrea@sympatico.ca or
w: www.fantasticcreations.ca